Social + Gaming ANEs

Quickly and easily add Facebook, Twitter, and other social features to your Adobe AIR apps. Enable native authentication, leaderboards, achievements and more on iOS and Android.


GoViral ANE for iOS and Android

Use Facebook, Twitter, SMS and more.

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Google Games Extension

Use Google Games services on Android.

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Game Center Extension

Use GameCenter on iOS.

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Ads + Analytics ANEs

Monetize your free Adobe AIR apps and games with banner, interstitial and video ads on iOS and Android. Measure your campaigns and improve your user experience with Google Analytics.


AdMob ANE for iOS and Android

Use AdMob ads on iOS or Android.

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iAd Extension

Use Apple’s iAd on iOS.

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Google Analytics Extension

Use Google Analytics on iOS + Android.

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In-App Purchase ANEs

Securely sell upgrades, consumables, in-app currency, and subscriptions in your Adobe AIR iOS and Android apps.


In-App Purchase Extension

Use In-App Purchase on iOS.

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Android Billing Extension

Use In-App Billing on Android.

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Notifications + Etc. ANEs

Send and receive push notifications and local notifications on iOS or Android. Implement native UI, gyroscope, network monitoring, piracy protection and more with CoreMobile. Improve your App Store rankings and get more stars with RateBox.


EasyPush Extension

Use Push Notifications on
iOS and Android.

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CoreMobile Extension

Use Local Notifications, Gyroscope, native UI and more.

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RateBox Extension

Get more App Store Ratings on iOS and Android.

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