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We help software developers reach new platforms. You want to be present on today’s ever-evolving devices and want to get there fast. We understand that. Our software and publications help the intrepid software developer create something they are proud of.
And, by the way, you don’t have to be a programmer to be a software developer.

What people say about us

The DiaDraw team not only helped us with their expertise in mobile development but they were very proactive in finding alternative solutions. We came to them with a very tricky audio problem that we hadn’t been able to find a solution for and they helped us solve it. Communication was clear and they provided timely support across time zones. Their project management, development, testing and support were outstanding.

Daniel Gilbert,
Founder, President and CEO at CloudVisit Telemedicine

With DiaDraw’s attention to detail and proactive communication we managed to complete the project ahead of time. The team respects deadlines and delivered solid code and high-quality results at a reasonable price.

Eric Ortner,
Aurora Information Technology, Inc.

I’m genuinely delighted to have "Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript"; I assumed you were writing a language reference, but I can tell already that it'll help me get my tools and environment in order, and will give me a far better clue about writing for iOS. And about re-shaping my AS3 mind into Swift. I expect the book will get very bent out of shape, which is uncommon. What I’ve read so far has made me smile, and has made me want to fire up Xcode. That's uncommon, too.

James Lyndsay,
Principal Consultant, Workroom Productions

The DiaDraw team took my ideas and expanded upon them intelligently, giving me options I didn’t expect could exist. Working through crash logs and second-hand reports I gave them, the team (Radoslava and Hristo) solved a problem within 48 hours, on a weekend, in vastly different time zones, and when they also had other immediate project commitments.

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Jonathan Kaye, PhD,
President, CommandSim

...to give myself a quick jumpstart back into ANE development I thought I’d give the Easy Native Extensions eBook by Radoslava Leseva a try. I’d previously taken a look at the free edition but for one reason or another not bothered to actually purchase the full version. Well all I can say is that it was easily the best $30 I’ve spent in a while.

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Christopher Caleb,
Author of 

Flash iOS Apps Cookbook


Your ebook on iOS native extensions (at least the part of it that I’ve read so far) is the best, clearest communication about software development that I’ve ever read. It is rare and completely refreshing to find programmers who can speak just as fluently and cleverly in their ‘natural’ language as in code, and who can also use elegant graphics to clear-up abstractions. Bravo, and thanks!

Craig Umanoff
Moving Pictures,

Your eBook on ANE's is one of the best investments I have made. The excellent explanations and example code have saved me hours of trial-and-error. And I had planned to spend a couple of weeks developing custom email and dropbox extensions. Being able to download well-documented, ready-to-build source code gives me time to add extra features to my app. Very cool. Thanks.

Andrew Rapo
Quahog Entertainment

I would like to commend Radoslava and the DiaDraw Team for helping me to learn how to develop a simple Windows AIR native extension. I had been grappling with this simple application for weeks and had done hundreds of Google searches to no avail. This simple application is a learning exercise for me and I will now try to extend it to incorporate ImageMagick functionality into the DLL.

Radoslava and her team not only helped me to get the application up and running, they also provided very helpful explanations along the way which helped me enormously as I was also trying to get a good understanding as well as getting the app to run on my PC.

DiaDraw are obviously technically competent in their field of expertise but also very professional and willing to help me.

I am most appreciative of their friendly help and guidance which was provided in a timely manner.

Eric (in Australia)

Dear Hristo - I've been very pleased with your product and also want to thank you in particular for your excellent customer support. You are proactive in updating and improving your products and always quick to respond to any questions I might have. I will look forward to seeing what you make next!

Bob Williams

I downloaded the IdeaDraw app from the App Store as I was curious about your developments. You and your team should be proud of your work. The app runs perfectly and I will continue using it. It is easy to use and very responsive. Great for capturing my ideas, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Once again, thank you for contacting me – your company has exceeded my expectations.

Giles Witney

Pleased to meet you

Who are we - RL

Radoslava Leseva

A former boss affectionately called her ‘pit bull’, a metaphor for how she won’t let go of a bug or a problem until it’s resolved, he explained. We believe him.

Superpower: Somersaulting between platforms and programming languages.

Likes: C++. Scott Meyers. Hot water bottles.

Dislikes: Wordy manuals. Having to click more than once to do a build.

Who are we - HL

Hristo Lesev

He can translate any problem into a combination of algorithms. Hristo actually sees the world as a graph of algorithms. Most probably the result of childhood traumas.

Superpower: X-ray vision when scanning through code. Incinerating bugs.

Likes: Beautifully written code, Terry Pratchet’s books.

Dislikes: Compiler warnings.

We release something new every couple of weeks.
Want to know when the next free ANE is out?