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If you need a custom-made native extension, we can help.
We are constantly swamped with work, though, so we only take on projects that we find interesting and exciting.
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How can we help you?

What you can expect from us

  1. A number of questions until we and you are sure we understand what you need. This usually includes a Skype call, so we can get to know each other in person.
  2. A clear estimate of the development timeframe, as well as an estimate of your investment.
  3. Regular updates on how things are going. Depending on the working schedule we agree these can be every other day or once a week.
  4. One or more handover sessions – usually over Skype with screensharing, where we make sure that things run at your end.
  5. A clear contract.
  6. An optional period of free bug fixing if you choose to include that in the contract.
  7. A fair price. While our expertise is not cheap, we offer different levels of pricing depending on whether you need to own the code we produce.

What we expect from you

  1. A clear technical specification. If coming up with one is part of the problem, we can include this in our hire time and help.
  2. Timely communication. If anything changes at your end in terms of requirements, deadlines, etc., we will need to know.
  3. To be available for a Skype/Google Hangout chat for:
    • – an initial 20-30-minute conversation, before we have committed to estimating your project. We want to make sure that we understand the problem you are trying to solve.
    • – a 60-minute handover chat, possibly with screensharing, where we ensure that what we have sent you works with your setup.
  4. If you need to own the code, we will need access to a versioning repository at your end, where we can do regular check-ins.
  5. Timely payments. We usually agree a prepayment percentage and the rest of the payments are broken down and linked with deliverables at each stage of development to ensure both you and we are happy.

What our customers say

The DiaDraw team took my ideas and expanded upon them intelligently, giving me options I didn’t expect could exist. The team (Radoslava and Hristo) solved the problem within 48 hours, on a weekend, in vastly different time zones, and when they also had other immediate project commitments. While there are many talented people in the technology field, I have found it is a rare trait to be so committed to my (the client’s) success as what the DiaDraw team demonstrated.

Jonathan Kaye, PhD
President, CommandSim

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