DiaDraw Camera Driver



Connect and capture frames from the native device cameras on iOS and Android and control the following:

  • frame rate and resolution control
  • focus, exposure, white balance control
  • point of interest
  • flash
  • camera swapping
  • geometry filters


You get:

  • ANE with iOS, Android and simulator support
  • Demo app project (Flash Builder)
  • API reference


*The ANE comes in three different packets. See the table below and choose the best one for you.

Product Description

DiaDraw Native Camera Driver ANE - Manual thumbnail

API reference

API v1.0

*Best value
$65 *Only
Feature iOS
iOS Android
connect to the
native cameras
Yes Yes Yes
capture frames
in real time
Yes Yes Yes
orientation control Yes Yes Yes
set resolution Yes Yes Yes
set frame rate Yes Yes Yes
swap cameras
(front & back)
Yes Yes Yes
set focus iOS Yes In progress
set exposure iOS Yes In progress
set white balance iOS Yes In progress
toggle flash iOS Yes In progress
set point of interest iOS Yes In progress
image rotation iOS Yes In progress
image translation iOS Yes In progress
image cropping iOS Yes In progress

Demo video

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