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iOS 8 Share Menu Tutorial and Source Code


How to get your AIR app to be listed and accept files from the iOS 8 Share Menu:

Step 1: Download this sample code

Step 2: Go through our iOS 8 Share Menu Tutorial

Step 3: Leave a review and let us know how it worked for you

Product Description

Download this iOS extension and source code if you would like a companion to our iOS 8 Share Menu Tutorial.

The package contains:

  • an Xcode project with a native app for dry-testing and an iOS Share Extension
  • an AIR app that is launched from the iOS 8 Share Menu and receives files from it
  • build scripts that let you build and package the whole thing in one go from Flash Builder

Note: Having the source code is not a prerequisite to completing the tutorial. Its five parts walk you step-by-step through creating an iOS extension and running it with an AIR app. The bonus here are the build scripts that allow for automating the building and packaging process and speeding it up.

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