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Free with one of our eBooks until end of June 2015

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Buy any of our ANE eBooks before end of June 2015 and get the full source code for this template completely free.

Universal (32- and 64-bit) build for iOS 8.1 and AIR SDK 16

You want to build a multi-platform native extensions, but don’t want to spend time setting up all the tools and projects. We have done this for you.

How to use it:

  • Download the Projects
  • Bat an eye at the PDF
  • Start adding your own native and ActionScript code

How does this save you time?

  • you receive an already set up set of projects to start adding code to;
  • you also get an automatic workflow with build scripts to the projects;
  • and you see how to use all that to have a multi-platform native extension with one click. And debug it too!

Happy debugging!

Product Description

You need a starting point to write a multi-platform ANE (iOS+Android)?
Here is a template to give you a kick start.

It comes in two bundles: FREE and Source code.

FREE is for absolute beginner and is comes with:

  • a pre-packaged ANE to have a go with;
  • a comprehensive PDF manual + information on how to build it from the source, should you follow the tutorial.

Source code is for the developer who wants to start adding code to a ready-made framework. Inside you will find:

  • Android project source code;
  • Xcode project source code;
  • AIR library project source code;
  • test mobile app source for both iOS and Android;
  • build/debug scripts for single-click building;
  • Eclipse and Xcode projects, set up for debugging native code;
  • a comprehensive PDF manual.

You can use it as a starting point of any iOS and Android ANE.

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