iOS + Android ANE Template



Free with one of our eBooks until end of June 2015

Buy any of our ANE eBooks before end of June 2015 and get the full source code for this template completely free.

Universal (32- and 64-bit) build for iOS 8.1 and AIR SDK 16

You want to build a multi-platform native extensions, but don’t want to spend time setting up all the tools and projects. We have done this for you.

How to use it:

  • Download the Projects
  • Bat an eye at the PDF
  • Start adding your own native and ActionScript code

How does this save you time?

  • you receive an already set up set of projects to start adding code to;
  • you also get an automatic workflow with build scripts to the projects;
  • and you see how to use all that to have a multi-platform native extension with one click. And debug it too!

Happy debugging!

Product Description

You need a starting point to write a multi-platform ANE (iOS+Android)?
Here is a template to give you a kick start.

It comes in two bundles: FREE and Source code.

FREE is for absolute beginner and is comes with:

  • a pre-packaged ANE to have a go with;
  • a comprehensive PDF manual + information on how to build it from the source, should you follow the tutorial.

Source code is for the developer who wants to start adding code to a ready-made framework. Inside you will find:

  • Android project source code;
  • Xcode project source code;
  • AIR library project source code;
  • test mobile app source for both iOS and Android;
  • build/debug scripts for single-click building;
  • Eclipse and Xcode projects, set up for debugging native code;
  • a comprehensive PDF manual.

You can use it as a starting point of any iOS and Android ANE.

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