Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to register an account to buy native extensions?
Yes. A free account registration is required in order to purchase and download any native extensions from Sign-up now


How to download the native extension(s) I have just purchased?
You can download your purchased extensions at My Account page. When a purchase is completed you will receive an email containing download link and details about the transaction.


How can I download again a native extension that I have downloaded before?
You can download at no additional charge any previously downloaded extensions from My Account page where all your successfully purchased extensions and all past downloads are logged. Also you can use the link in the completed purchase email we’ve sent you.


Is free to join?
Yes, it’s free to join and create your personal account at Sign-up now


Is there a time limit for downloading a native extension?
No. All successfully purchased extensions are permanently stored in your My Account page and will be available for unlimited number of downloads/re-downloads.


What are my payment options?
For now we are offering only Paypal payment option.


Where is the record of all my orders and downloads?
We record each purchase and download you make. Simply log into your account and go to My Account page for more details.