Record off-screen video in Starling

It’s been a while since we last talked about recording your screen on iOS. You may remember our tutorial on how to capture the Starling stage in a video file. In that tutorial you see how to record the whole screen or a DisplayObject that is attached to the scene and is visible. In a recent conversation with Amos Laber a question came up: can one record a video of Starling content that is not attached to the stage at all, while the screen is showing something else? As you can imagine throwing a developer an innocent question like this Read More

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Exploring China’s app markets

After months of coding you release your next big app on Google Play and start promoting it in every app-oriented media. Now is the time to harvest the fruits and monetize all of your development and marketing efforts. Sounds fine but is something missing from the picture? An iOS version maybe…? No. You are a diligent Flex/Flash developer and a version for the iOS App Store is coming along. So what is it? And the answer is: the world’s largest smartphone market: China. Share on: Read More

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Gameplay Recorder Performance

Today’s article is a response to a question we found ourselves answering quite a lot on the e-mail since the release of our Gameplay Recorder Native Extension for iOS. The question was: How does Gameplay Recorder affect performance? The performance of an app that uses it, that is. In other words: does the ANE affect your app’s frame rate and how much; does it matter what resolution you choose for recording your gameplay. Intro Let us first have a look at the phases of the gameplay screen recording that have the potential to affect an app’s performance: Rendering a frame Read More

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Record Starling gameplay video

In today’s game experience players are much more socially involved than ever before. Even when playing alone you want to record that epic battle with the big bad Boss and later to show it off in the social media. Starling is a great game development framework that can run on desktop and mobile devices, but recording the gameplay on mobile platforms can be a real pain to implement. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Gameplay Recorder native extension for iOS to capture awesome videos directly from your game’s screen. Any previous knowledge about Starling framework counts as Read More

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