Swift resources for Flash and ActionScript developers

Hello, fellow Flash developer! Did you find this page while looking for “the #Swift equivalent of this #ActionScript piece of code”? Or are you looking to transfer your #Flash skills into native #iOS development? In either case, you are in the right place. If you have spent some time making Flash apps and coding in ActionScript, you are well on your way to knowing your way around Swift and won’t need to start from scratch. We have collected some resources that can help on your learning journey: they have been created with your experience in mind and by developers who speak your language – after Read More

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7 surprising lessons from writing a book on maternity leave

If you have recently committed to a big project, have a baby on the way and are wondering how you will survive both, this post is for you. I can only imagine how many people will tell you that this is impossible, stupid, or both. Or, “adventurous” if they are being polite. They are right. And that shouldn’t stop you. If you have your heart set on creating something while welcoming new life into your home, go for it. When the opportunity came to partner with Apress for writing “Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript”, I was eight months Read More

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Use your Flash skills to code with Swift

We have a brand new book for Flash and ActionScript developers who want to make iOS apps with with Swift, called Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript. You can get the electronic edition (Kindle, PDF, EPUB) from Amazon or Apress or you can pre-order the print edition, which is coming out on November 13th 2016. You can also download a free sample here.. Is Flash dead? Not quite yet. And neither are your Flash and ActionScript skills. But we can all feel the wind of change that Swift – Apple’s latest programming language – is bringing. This might be sad news for Read More

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