Use your Flash skills to code with Swift

We have a brand new book for Flash and ActionScript developers who want to make iOS apps with with Swift, called Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript. You can get the electronic edition (Kindle, PDF, EPUB) from Amazon or Apress or you can pre-order the print edition, which is coming out on November 13th 2016. You can also download a free sample here.. Is Flash dead? Not quite yet. And neither are your Flash and ActionScript skills. But we can all feel the wind of change that Swift – Apple’s latest programming language – is bringing. This might be sad news for Read More

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64-bit requirements for iOS apps

At the end of last year Apple announced their new requirements for submitting apps to the app store: from February 1st 2015 all new apps must include 64-bit support; from June 1st 2015 all app updates will also have to support 64 bits. This doesn’t pose much of a problem for native apps, but we AIR developers were stranded… Until last week, when Adobe released AIR 16 beta in Adobe Labs. Let us go through the steps necessary for rebuilding your apps and ANEs to support 64 bits. Share on: WhatsApp Read More

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Release: ANE Template for iOS and Android

If you have been following our tutorials, you know we are big on saving development time. If, on the other hand, this is your first time on our website, here are two things we’d like you to know about the DiaDraw Team: We dislike reinventing the wheel and repeating project setup work. We passionately hate workflows that require more than one click to produce a build. Share on: WhatsApp Read More

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New website from distriqt

The guys from distriqt came up with a new website at the end of last week: We love the look of it and how it’s organised: there is a neat catalogue of ANEs, each with its API reference and a Get Started guide. Some of the guides are a work in progress, but are being updated as you are reading this. Most of all, though, we like how this site emerged from an open an honest conversation with customers, in which distriqt asked, listened and implemented. Share on: WhatsApp Read More

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