Gameplay Recorder Native Extension


Universal (32- and 64-bit) build for iOS 8.1 and AIR SDK 16

Record demo videos of your game without a camera. Add soundtrack!
Enhance the gameplay by allowing the player to record game sessions.

You get:

  • ANE with iOS and simulator support
  • Demo app project for Starling
  • Complete manual with example code

Product Description

DiaDrawScreenCast ANE Manual

What does it do?

DiaDrawGameplayRecorder.ANE is an AIR Native Extension for iOS which allows you to make a video recording of the screen of your game (or anything that can be drawn to a bitmap) and mix in pre-recorded sound. You have the option of encoding the videos with H.256 or JPEG and selecting video quality. See VideoSettings for full details.


1. Is the source code available for this ANE?

2. How do I set up my Starling app for gameplay recording?

3. What’s performance like?

What does it NOT do?

DiaDrawGameplayRecorder.ANE won’t record screens that are not part of your app.

Supported game frameworks:

Starling, Away3D

Demo video

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