How to send events from Java to ActionScript

When we looked at how native code and ActionScript communicate in a native extension, we saw that native code is mostly called and talked to and has a limited number of ways to respond or send data back. These are:

  1. Returning a FREResult object from a call to FREFunction.
  2. Using output parameters in a FREFunction.
  3. Sending an event to ActionScript.

In this article we are focusing on number 3: how events are sent from Java to ActionScript. Read More

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What goes into an AIR Native Extension for Android?

So you are an Android guy. Or gal. Or, you are an ActionScript person, who wants to expand to Android. Same difference. Here is a bit of prerequisite information, in case you need it:

Next, let us see the ingredients that you have to provide for an ANE and those that are provided for you. You will have to make two libraries: Read More

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