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  • step-by-step guide to making your iOS extension in under an hour
  • library for data conversion between ActionScript and native code
  • tutorials
  • infographics
  • code included

You know the feeling when, two days before the deadline, you are still browsing for how to deal with a problem in your code. And you find tons of blog posts and articles. The only problem is you either need to spend the next week and a half digesting theory before you get to code or you get code you can copy and paste, but no one tells you why it was written that way or which bits exactly apply to your situation.

We felt that pain when we first started making extensions for AIR.

What is EasyNativeExtensions.com?

We want to make this website the number one resource for information about AIR Native Extensions with:

  • theory that you can apply right away that doesn’t take you ages to read;
  • tutorials that show you how to do stuff, but also help you understand why;
  • free native extensions you can download and use out of the box;
  • ready-made native extensions you can shop for and use in your app; 
  • a way to make profit selling your own extensions;
  • a unique business model, which allows you to commission a highly customised native extension and… get your money back. What?!
    Yes, you read it: it’s a unique business model. We’ll reveal more about this in a future post.

So, what brings YOU here?

I’ll make a few guesses – you let me know if I’m right in the comments below.

  1. You have flexible thinking.
    Cross-platform programming and jumping from one programming language and platform to another is not everyone’s cup of tea, so you must be pretty flexible in how you think and learn.

  2. You are a rebel.
    When big corporations make up the rules and tell you that you have to use library A, framework B or language C (pun intended) and that Flash will never work on iOS, you scratch your head and say “Wait a minute, isn’t there another way?”
  3. You are interested in fast growth.
    You don’t have to be a programmer to develop software. Yeah, you read me right – to get a product to market takes a lot more than being versed in this language or that or knowing how to calculate the complexity of a bubble search. If you want your software to reach many platforms quickly, hiring programmers who can handle cross-platform development is the way to go. And EasyNativeExtensions.com is the right place to start.
  4. What did I miss?
    Tell us about yourself in the comments below. What would you like to find on EasyNativeExtensions.com?

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