Survey results and season’s greetings

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A huge thank you to everyone who responded to the Thanksgiving survey we sent to our mailing list!

We learnt a lot about you and got new ideas about the direction you would like to see go in. We would like to share the results here.

1. What types of apps do you mostly work on?

types of app

Game development is definitely prevalent, followed by collaborative applications. More material relevant to game devs, then.

2. What functionality do you mostly need?types of functionality

The most popular category: in-app purchases was definitely not what we would have guessed. Noted!

3. What are your top 3 priorities when downloading an ANE or other components:

priorities when downloading an ane

The availability of support wins hands down, closely followed by high quality and rich functionality.

4. What you want to see on do you want to see on

More ANEs and tutorials got a clear vote majority. Sounds like a deal!

And a personal note from Radoslava: thank you to the few people who did NOT tick “Radoslava wearing a moustache”. Everyone else, scroll to the bottom of the post.

7. Which tools do you use? what tools do you use

Our tutorials, articles and eBooks have been very Flex/Flash Builder-centric so far. This is a clear sign that we should include more examples involving Adobe Flash.

8. Which platforms do you develop for? which platforms do you develop for

We were happy to see that Mac and Windows development is alive and kicking, alongside the unsurprising popularity of iOS and Android.

Windows users, did you see our recent Windows ANE Tutorial?

So, what’s your take on the survey results?

Share your opinion in the comments below.

And finally…

That moustache picture.

moustache r

Many thanks to Louise Adams for being our photographer!

May your festive season be merry and bright,
The DiaDraw Team

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  1. Eric Zwar

    Hi Radoslava and Hristo,

    Many many thanks for your great help to me these last couple of months :-)

    Have a great Christmas! Re the moustache, reminds us a bit of Poirot!

    Best wishes from Oz.

    • Radoslava

      Great Christmas to you too, Eric!

      Thanks for following the tutorials so closely and for your invaluable feedback.
      I was indeed aiming for Poirot with the little black moustache. 😀

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