Camera Native Extension – iOS Update

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A lot of you have already downloaded our Camera Native Extension for iOS and will be thrilled to hear about the latest updates to it:

  1. Fixed a memory leak in applyFilters(), reported by our reader decapyre.
  2. Improved thread synchronisation.
  3. Introduced a separate frame rate for consuming frames (see REFRESH_RATE_FRAMES_PER_SECOND in CameraTestAppHomeView.mxml).
  4. Introduced NativeCameraExtensionEvent.CAMERA_STARTED to signal when the camera is ready to produce frames.
  5. The byte order in the frame ByteArray is now taken care of by the ANE.
  6. Note: getFrameBuffer()’s signature has changed:

What is the Camera Native Extension?

For those of you who have not downloaded the Camera ANE yet: why not? :)

Here is a brief summary of what it does:

  • frame capture from the native camera on iOS
  • control over exposure, focus and white balance (in contrast, AIR’s Camera class defaults to autoexposure, autofocus and auto white balance)
  • focal point by tapping on the preview
  • allows you to apply rotation filters

Where do I get the update?

January 2015 update: A new release of the Camera ANE is now available with iOS and Android support. You can find it here.

Over to you

Have you tried the Camera ANE? What kinds of apps do you use it in and what extra functionality would be useful to you?

Let us know in the comments below.

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