Camera Tutorial, Part 1: Create a test app

At the end of this part you will have

Camera ANE - test Flex app
  • The means to run and test your ANE as soon as you write its first lines of code - a much better option than tapping away blind.
  • Understanding of the 'grand plan' behind the ANE.


15-20 minutes  Read More

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Camera Tutorial: Introduction

At the end of this tutorial you will have

  • A native extension for AIR that connects with the native camera and captures frames from it.
  • A test app that uses the native extension and can help you test and debug its code.

Camera Test App GUI

Total time

I've broken down the tutorial into parts, each of which should take between 5 and 20 minutes to implement. I expect the full tutorial to take you between an hour and a half and two hours in total. You've got to love software project estimates. :) If you've completed the whole tutorial, leave a comment and let me know whether my estimate was way off base. Read More

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Calling native functions from ActionScript

So you have started writing an AIR Native Extension (ANE). You've got a pretty good idea of how AIR loads and unloads it from memory and know that you need an Extension Context to tell AIR about what functionality your native code exposes. The infographic in this article will show you the mechanism of making native function calls from ActionScript. Read More

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