Release: Updates to our screen recording ANEs

iOS 8 developers, rejoice, we support you!

We are updating all of our ANEs to support iOS 8 and the latest AIR SDK.

These three are ready for you to download:


DiaDrawScreenCast AIR Native Extension

DiaDrawScreenCastAne Source Code Manual Thumbnail

DiaDrawScreenCast ANE + Source Code


DiaDraw GameplayRecorder ANE

How do I update?

If you have already purchased one of these ANEs you get an update for free.

This is how to download it: go to and log in.

Click on one of the links under Available Downloads:


Do I need these ANEs?

These native extensions certainly aren’t for everyone.

But if you are looking for ways of recording your iOS screen, here is what they can do for you:

Opt In Image
Early bird offer on the ANE eBooks


Buy any Easy Native Extensions 2nd Edition package and get our $99 iOS + Android ANE Template completely free before the end of June 2015.



  • step-by-step guide to making your iOS extension in under an hour
  • library for data conversion between ActionScript and native code
  • tutorials
  • infographics
  • code included

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