iOS App Extensions (plugins) for AIR apps

How do I… in iOS 8? If you are here, you are probably wondering whether it’s possible to get an AIR app to: appear in the iOS 8 Share Menu? If you are here for the iOS 8 Share Menu Tutorial, you can jump straight to it or download the source code here: Part 2: How to list an AIR app in the iOS Share Menu Part 3: How to launch your AIR app from the iOS 8 Share Menu Part 4: Sharing files between an AIR app and an iOS Extension Part 5: How to debug your iOS extension appear in the Notification Continue Reading

64-bit requirements for iOS apps

At the end of last year Apple announced their new requirements for submitting apps to the app store: from February 1st 2015 all new apps must include 64-bit support; from June 1st 2015 all app updates will also have to support 64 bits. This doesn’t pose much of a problem for native apps, but we AIR developers were stranded… Until last week, when Adobe released AIR 16 beta in Adobe Labs. Let us go through the steps necessary for rebuilding your apps and ANEs to support 64 bits. Share on: WhatsApp Continue Reading

Release: ANE Template for iOS and Android

If you have been following our tutorials, you know we are big on saving development time. If, on the other hand, this is your first time on our website, here are two things we’d like you to know about the DiaDraw Team: We dislike reinventing the wheel and repeating project setup work. We passionately hate workflows that require more than one click to produce a build. Share on: WhatsApp Continue Reading

Windows ANE tutorial: Debugging the ANE

This is the final and probably most important part of the making of any native extension. You need to be able to step through both your ActionScript, as well as native code, in this case C++. See how to do that below. At the end of this part you will have: Ran and stepped through the native code of your ANE in Visual C++. And you will have completed this tutorial. Time 15-20 minutes Share on: WhatsApp Continue Reading

Windows ANE tutorial: Testing the ANE

By this part you have already packaged a Native Extension for Windows or have one at hand from elsewhere. In this article we will see how to include it in an app and use it. At the end of this part you will have: An Adobe AIR Native Extension (ANE) ready to be used on Windows. Time 12-15 minutes Share on: WhatsApp Continue Reading