Flash rock-n-roll

For all of you who thought that the days of Flash are numbered, have a look at the brand new job board, especially dedicated to Flash and suchlike:   It’s already full of job offers from around the world and, hopefully, thousands of talented Flash, AIR, Flex and ActionScript wizards who are browsing through them. And it’s FREE. What more can I say? Go, Flash Daily. That’s what I say. Share on: WhatsApp Continue Reading

Record Starling gameplay video

In today’s game experience players are much more socially involved than ever before. Even when playing alone you want to record that epic battle with the big bad Boss and later to show it off in the social media. Starling is a great game development framework that can run on desktop and mobile devices, but recording the gameplay on mobile platforms can be a real pain to implement. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Gameplay Recorder native extension for iOS to capture awesome videos directly from your game’s screen. Any previous knowledge about Starling framework counts as Continue Reading

Screen Recorder ANE updated

A brief announcement: we have just released an update to our Screen Recorder Native Extension (DiaDrawScreencast.ane). Existing customers get it for free If you have bought the previous release of DiaDrawScreencast.ane, you’ll receive this update for free. Check your e-mail for a note from us. What’s new iOS 7 update, including more options for video quality settings; an optimised build; progress events during video saving (check out ScreenRecorderEvent.PROGRESS); a clearer example for the video saving options in the manual and in the test app. What’s next We are working on a new version of the ANE for all of you Continue Reading